X-Ray Diffraction

X-Ray Diffraction X rays are electromagnetic radiation whose wavelengths are of the order of  I A (= 10-10 m). Compare this with a wavelength of 550 nm (= 5.5 X 10-7 m) at the center of the visible spectrum.  shows that x rays are produced   hen electrons escaping from a heated filament Fare accelerated by …

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Diffraction Gratings

Diffraction Gratings One of the most useful tools in the study of light and of objects that emit and absorb light is the diffraction grating. This device is somewhat like the double-slit arrangement of  but has a much greater number N of slits, often called rulings,  perhaps as many as several thousand per millimeter. An idealized grating …

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The Fresnel Bright Spot

The Fresnel Bright Spot Diffraction finds a ready explanation in the wave theory of light. However, this theory, originally advanced in the late 1600s by Huygens and used 123 years later by Young to explain double-slit interference, was very slow in being adopted, largely because it ran counter to Newton’s theory that light was a stream of particles. Newton’s …

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