Electromagnetic Waves


Polarization VHF (very high frequency) television antennas in England are oriented vertically, but those in North America are horizontal. The difference is due to the direction of oscillation of the electromagnetic waves carrying the TV signal. In England, the  transmitting equipment is designed to produce waves that are polarized vertically;that is, their electric field oscillates vertically. Thus, …

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The Traveling Electromagnetic Wave Qualitatiley

The Traveling Electromagnetic Wave. Qua Qualitatile                 Some electromagnetic waves, including x rays, gamma rays, and visible light, are radiated (emitted) from sources that are of atomic or nuclear size, where quantum/ physics rules. Here we discuss how other electromagnetic waves are generated. To simplify matters, we restrict ourselves to that region of …

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Electromagnetic Waves

Electromagnetic Waves As a comet swings around the Sun, ice on its surface vaporizes, releasing trapped dust and charged particles. The electrically charged “solar wind” forces the charged particles into a straight “tail” that point radially away from the Sun. However, the dust is  unaffected by the solar wind and seemingly should continue to travel along the comet’s …

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