Gauss Law


PROBLEM SOLVING TACTICS The derivation of  using Gauss’ law is a warm-up for derivations of electric fields produced by other charge configurations so let us go back over  steps involved We started with a given positive point charge we know that electric field lines extend radially outward from ‘I in a spherically symmetric paunch To find the magnitude E of …


Gauss’ Law

Gauss’ Law  Gauss’ law relates the net flux  of an electric field through a closed surface (a Gaussian surface) to the net charge  that is enclosed by that surface It tells us that By substituting the definition of flux we can also write Gauss’ law as  hold only when the net charge  located in a vacuum or (what is …

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Sample Problem

Sample Problem A nonuniform electric  field given by pierces the Gaussian cube shown is in newtons per coulomb and x is in meters.) What is  electric flux through the right face the left face and the top face The Key Idea here is that we can find the flux <I> through the surface by integrating the scalar product g …

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Gauss’ Law

Gauss’ Law lightning strikes Tucson in a brilliant display, each strike delivering about 1020 electrons from the cloud base to the ground.How wide is a lightning strike? since a strike can be seen from kilometers away, is it as wide as say a car?