Musical sounds


Beats When two notes of nearly equal pitch are both sounded together a regular rise and fall occurs in the loudness of the tone heard. These alternations in loudness are called heats. This may be demonstrated with organ pipes, or singing tubes may be used instead. Two glass or metal tubes about a metre long and 4 or …

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Musical scales

Musical scales As the art of music developed through the ages it came to be accepted that notes of certain frequency relationships gave a pleasing result when played together, while others produced a harsh effect. This experience led to the establishment of musical scales consisting of a series of notes whose pitch relationships enabled the maximum number of pleasing …

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Musical sounds

Musical sounds Pitch and Frequency In the previous chapter it was mentioned that the pitch of a note, i.e., its position in the musical scale depends on the frequency of vibration of its source. This was demonstrated early in the nineteenth century by Felix Savart, who held a card against a rotating toothed wheel and showed that the pitch …

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