Potential Energy and Conservation of Energy


PROBLEM SOLVING TACTICS Tactic 1: Using the Term Potential Energy A potential energy is associated with a system as a whole. However, you might see statements that associate it with only part of the system. For example, you might read,.An apple hanging in a tree has a gravitational potential energy . Such statements are often acceptable.

Determining Potential Energy Values

Determining Potential Energy Values Here we find equations that give the value of the two types of potential energy discussed in this chapter: gravitational potential energy and elastic potential energy. However, first we must find a general relation between a conservative force and the associated potential energy. Substituting,we find that the change in potential energy . due to the …

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Path Independence of Conservative Forces

Path Independence of Conservative Forces The primary test for determining whether a force is conservative or non conservatives this: Let the force ·act on a particle that moves along any closed path. beginning at some initial position and eventually returning to that position (so that the particle makes a round trip beginning and ending at the …

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Conservative and Non conservatlve Forces

Conservative and Non conservative Forces Let us list the key elements of the two situations we just discussed: 1. The system consists of two or more objects. 2. A force acts between a particle-like object (tomato or block) in the system and the rest of the system. 3. When the system configuration changes, the force does work (call …

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