EXERCISES And PROBLEMS ssrn Solution is in the Student Solutions Manual. www Solution is available on the World Wide Web at: it Solution is available on the Interactive LearningWare The Rotational Variables IE. During a time interval 1 the flywheel of a generator turns through the angle () = at + hl3 – CI’, where …



REVIEW & SUMMARY Angular Position To describe the rotation of a rigid body about a fixed axis, called the rotation axis, we assume a reference line is fixed in the body, perpendicular to that axis and rotating with the body. Angular Velocity and Speed If a body rotates through an angular displacement 6. (}in a time interval t:.t, its …


Proof Of Eqs

Proof Of Eqs Let us again consider the situation of Fig. 11-16, in which force F rotates a rigid body consisting of a single .l?article of mass m fastened to the end of a mass less rod. During the rotation, force F does work on the body. We next relate the work W done on the body …

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Sample Problem

Sample Problem To throw an 80 kg opponent with a basic judo hip throw, you intend to pull his uniform with a force F and a moment arm d, = 0.30 m from a pivot point (rotation axis) on your right hip. (a) What must·the magnitude of F be if, before you throw him, you bend your opponent …

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Proof of Equation

Proof of Equation We prove  by first considering the simple situation . The rigid body there consists of a particle of mass m on one end of a mass less rod of length r. The rod can move only by rotating about its other end, around a rotation axis (an axle) that is perpendicular to the plane of …

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Newton’s Second Law for Rotation

Newton’s Second Law for Rotation Torque can cause rotation of a rigid body, as when you use a torque to rotate a door. Here we want to relate the net torque. The on a rigid body to the angular acceleration a it causes about a rotation axis.


Torque A doorknob is located as far as possible from the door’s hinge line for a good reason. If you want to open a heavy door, you must certainly apply a force; that alone, however, is not enough. Where you apply that force and in what direction you push are also important. If you apply your force nearer …

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Sample Problem

Sample Problem Large machine components that undergo prolonged, high-speed rotation are first examined for the possibility of failure in a spin test system. In this system, a component is spun up (brought up to high speed) while inside a cylindrical arrangement of lead bricks and containment liner, all within a steel shell that is closed by a lid clamped into …

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Sample Problem

Sample Problem Shows a rigid body consisting of two particles of mass m connected by a rod of length L and negligible mass. (a) What is the rotational inertia leorn of this body about an axis through its center of mass. perpendicular to the rod as shown? SOLUTION: The Key Idea is that because we have only …

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