Work Energy and Power

The future of nuclear power installations

The future of nuclear power installations Nuclear reactors like most other industrial plants do not last for ever and, at the time of writing (1988) plans are in operation for decommissioning the early Magnolia reactors. The Berkeley one, mentioned in Fig. 7.6 on page 80 is one of the first for demolition. The first advanced gas-cooled reactor (AGR) …

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Nuclear energy

Nuclear energy We have just discussed the energy changes which lead to the generation of electricity in a coal-burning electric power station. In a nuclear electricity generating installation the heat required for raising steam is provided by a nuclear reactor instead of a coal furnace. Fig. 7.5 is a simplified diagram to show how a reactor works. It …

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Heat energy

Heat energy At this point it will be advantageous to say a word about the meaning of the term heat. In everyday life we sometimes loosely refer to the “heat energy in a body”, instead of using the term: “internal energy”. In physics, heat is defined as energy which is transferred from one place to another owing to a …

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