Average Velocity and Average Speed

Average Velocity and Average Speed

IE. If a baseball pitcher throws a fastball at a horizontal speed of 160 km/h, how long does the ball take to reach home plate 18.4 m away? ssm

2E. A world speed record for bicycles was set in 1992 by Chris Huber riding Cheetah, a high-tech bicycle built by three mechanical engineering graduates. The record (average) speed was I 10.6 km/h through a measured length of 200.0 m on a desert road. At the end of the run, Huber commented, Cogito ergo zoom (I think, therefore I go fast!) What was Huber’s elapsed time  through the 200.0 m?

3E. An automobile travels on a straight road for 40 km at 30 km/h. It then continues in the same direction for another 40 km at 60 km/h. (a) What is the average velocity of the car during this 80 km trip? (Assume that it moves in the positive x direction.) (b) What is “the average speed? (c) Graph x versus t and indicate how the average velocity is found on the graph. ssm

4P. A top-gun pilot. practicing radar avoidance maneuvers, is manually
flying horizontally at 1300 km/h, just 35 m above the level ground. Suddenly, the plane encounters terrain that slopes gently upward at 4.3° an amount difficult to detect visually. How much times does the pilot have to make a correction to avoid flying into the ground?

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