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Some Examples 01 Static Equilibrium

IE. A physics Brady Bunch, whose weights in newtons are indicated , is balanced on a seesaw. What is the number of the person who causes the largest torque, about the rotation axis zi fulcrum f, directed (a) out of the page and (b) into the page?

2E. The leaning Tower of Pisa  is 55 m high and 7.0 m in diameter. The top of the tower is displaced 4.5 m from the vertical.

3E. A particle is acted on by forces given, in newtons. (a) What force F” balances these forces? (b) What direction does F3 have relative to the x axis?

4E A bow is drawn at its midpoint until the tension in the string.

5E. A rope of negligible mass is stretched’ horizontally between two supports that are 3.44 m apart. When an object of weight 3 I60 N is hung at the center of the rope.

6E. A scaffold of mass 60 kg and length 5.0 m is supported In a horizontal position.

7E. A uniform sphere of mass m and radius r is held in place by a mass less.

8E. An automobile with a mass of 1360 kg has 3.05 m between the front and rear axles.

9E. A diver of weight 580 N stands at the end of a 4.5 redividing board of negligible mass.

IOE.A man is trying to get his car out of mud on the shoulder of a road.

11E. A meter stick balances horizontally on a knife-edge at the 50.0 cm mark. With two 5.0 g coins stacked over the 12.0 cm mark.

12E. A uniform cubical crate is 0.7S0 m on each side and weighs Soon.

13E. A 7S kg window cleaner uses a 10 kg ladder that is S.Om long.

14E. Shows the anatomical structures in the lower leg and foot that are involved in standing tiptoe.

15P. Construction bucket is suspended by a cable A that is attached at 0 to two other cables B and C, making angles of  and 66.00 with the horizontal.

1p. The system in  in equilibrium, with the string in the center exactly horizontal.

17p’. The force  keeps the 6.40 kg block and the pulleys in equilibrium.

18P. A IS kg block is being lifted by the pulley system.

19P. Forces FI’ F2 and F3 act on the structure of, shown in an overhead view.

20P. In Fig. 13-32. a 50.0 kg uniform square sign, 2.00 m on a side, is hung from a 3.00 m horizontal rod of negligible.

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