Tile Law of Gravitation Any particle in the universe attracts any other particle with a gravitational force whose magnitude.

Gravitational Behavior  Uniform Spherical Shells  holds only for particles. The gravitational force.

Superposition Gravitational forces obey the principle of superposition; that is, if n particles interact.

Gravitational Acceleration The gravitational acceleration a. of a particle (of mass m) is due solely to the gravitational force acting on it.

Free-Fall Acceleration and Weight The actual free-fall acceleration J( of a particle near Earth differs slightly from the gravitational.

Gravitation Within a Spherical Shell A uniform shell of matter exerts gravitational force on a particle located inside it.

Gravitational Potential Energy The gravitational potential energy ) of a system of two particles, with masses M and m and separated by a distance.

Potential Energy of a System If a system contains more than two particles, its total gravitational potential energy V is the sum of terms representing.

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