Kinetic Energy The kinetic energy K associated with the motion of a particle.

Work Work W is energy transferred to or from an object via a force acting on the object. Energy transferred to the object is positive work, and energy transferred from the object is negative work .

Work and Kinetic Energy We can relate a change  in kinetic energy of a particle to the net work W done on the particle.

Work Done by the Gravitational Force The work  done by the gravitational particle like .object of mass m during a displacement.

Work Done in Lifting and Lowering an Object The work  done by an applied force during a lifting or lowering of a particle-like object is related to the work WK done by the gravitational force and the change in the object’s kinetic energy.

Spring Force The force F from a spring is where d is the displacement of its free end from the position when the spring is in its relaxed state (neither compressed nor extended), and k is the spring constant (a measure of the spring’s stiffness).

Work Done by a Spring Force If an object is attached to the spring’s free end, the work W, done on the object by the spring force when the object is moved from an initial position x, to a final position.

Work Done by a Variable Force When the force F on a particle-like object depends on the position of the object, the work don by F on the object while the object moves from an initial position r; with coordinates (x;, y;, z;l to a final position with coordinates .

Power The power due to a force is the rate at which that force does work on an object. If the force does work W during a time interval !:it, the average power due to the force over that time interval.

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