A Summing Up

A Summing Up

Let us, in these closing paragraphs, consider where our rapidly accumulating store of knowledge about the universe is leading us. That it provides satisfaction to a host of curiosity-motivated physicists and astronomers is beyond dispute. However, some view it as a humbling experience in that each increase in knowledge seems to reveal more clearly our own relative insignificance in the grand scheme of things. Thus, in roughly chronological order, we humans have come to realize that


upon and Quarts Current research supports the view that all matter is made of six kinds of Repton (Table 45-2), ‘six kinds of quarks (Table 45-5), and 12 antipodes, one corresponding 10 each of the Ieptoos id quarts. All these particles have spin  quem numbeB equally to and are thus.form  (particles withal-inker spin quaDtum numbers).

The Interaction Panic with electric charge interact through the eIectromqnetic y YirtuI phoIoBL Leptons can inIerwt with each other web un through the weak force. via  Z  Hili  lD Edition, quart iRsenca wia.do other tMiuah tile mIar fore. The uptorll Three of the leper.s (the electron, mood, and tau) have electric charge equal to Ie. There are also three uncharged neutral (also leptons), One corresponding to each of tile charged Iepcoas. The iDa& have very , possibly zero, mass. The antiparticles for the cblrge4 leptons have positive charge.  Curb The ax quarks (up, down, strange, charm, boom, and top. in order of ill creating mus) each have baryon number It and chIrge equal to cigar die or -ie. The- strange quai has strange.

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